SOFTCOM is a company in the IT sector supporting the processes in logistics, manufacturing, shipping companies, and sales promotion system solutions. The company is focused on innovation, which is why all offered services, new technologies have been implemented in accordance with the highest standards. It focuses on providing solutions to optimize fleet management using GPS monitoring devices. Through a variety of electronic and software solutions it is active in a variety of industries ranging from transportation (GPS telemetry services - controlling) to sales support systems. In 2013, the company will expand its business to e-services and dedicated multimedia solutions for the home. Our aim is to provide customers with solutions that will help to increase their competitiveness and help achieve business success.





WIMET Sp. z o.o. is engaged in the design and manufacture of metal structures, racks, server racks, cabinets and telecommunications for the construction, commercial, industrial. The firm also makes displays, stands, suspension frames to sanitation, components and modular systems for shop equipment, light steel structures. The company has modern machinery for metalworking.